Summer Reading Challenge

Hello from Havering Libraries ....and the Wombats!

We are so excited to be picking up the reins to chat to you all over the next week or so! Please leave me a little message to tell me where you are from, I wonder who will be closest to Havering and who will be furthest away!

Ever wondered what Australian wombats do on Christmas Eve?

Take a peek at ‘Diary of a Christmas Wombat’ by Jackie French and you’ll find out.

Whilst searching for his favourite food – carrots – this wombat hitches a ride on Santa’s sleigh and comes into contact with those other carrot-eaters – reindeer! We loved this book and so did all the children from Langtons Primary school in Hornchurch who came in to listen to it last week. The children couldn’t help rubbing their tummies and saying ‘mmmmmm….carrots’ all the way through the story.

Why not see if your local library has a copy of this book? And don’t forget to leave a comment and let us know where you are from – just your town, mind – please DON’T leave your full address!!!

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