True Cadence - Famfest

A Platform For Artistic Expression

We want to provide an environment where young people will comfortable sharing their experiences and dealing with their emotions without fear of judgement or humiliation.

Through various programmes, mentoring and self-expression activities, young people can gain music industry knowledge, while using their passion for music as a way to address some of their deep-rooted issues. This way, what could potentially become a harmful and sometimes deadly situation following a violent outburst, can be dealt with through communication

Our Values

M.U.S.I.C is at the heart of everything that we do:

Motivating- We promote a great sense of imagination, motivation and a notion of artistic truth in our staff and the people we support.

Unique- We are committed to improvement, growth and achievement of excellence through original ideas.

Self-Expressive- A healthy mental state begins with self-expression, which we aim to achieve through our work.

Inclusive– We are committed to treating all people with respect, compassion and dignity irrelevance of their race, age, gender or sexual orientation while showing appreciation to diverse cultures and values.

Community- Music is a universal language through which we aim to connect various communities.

FamFest is one of our covid response intergenerational programmes designed to bring families and support networks together. Taking place over 12 weeks, we have created an itinerary of 12 interactive workshops such as cooking, baking, games night, fitness classes, live performances and more. Delivered virtually by professionals, these series of workshops will allow us to have fun while staying safe during these difficult times.

As we all know, the last time lockdown was lifted, we went back into lockdown about a month later. Hence, the virtual element of this programme despite the ease in lockdown restrictions. We hope that this will make FamFest more accessible and limit interruptions, giving participants the chance to connect with their household members and those within their local community.


Learn how to make exciting dishes in our cooking and baking workshops

Participate in relaxing yoga classes

Energetic Zumba and Boxercise classes

Quiz and game nights

Script reading

Live performances

House party hosted by a special guest DJ, and many more


All ages are welcome; the event is designed for households to come together

Do you want fun activities to do with the whole family?

Can you commit to the entire programme?

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