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Homelessness - Get help, advice and support

You may find yourself homeless or about to be made homeless for several reasons such as an eviction, a difficult home situation you want to leave or you have been in hospital or prison and have nowhere to return to.

Please follow the advice by click 'Website' below - This will take you to the Housing Team's page where you can find information that will help you make decisions about getting somewhere to live.

Council housing in Havering is very limited. We have a long waiting list of people looking for housing so it is unlikely that you will be placed in a council house.

Because of this we will give you help finding housing in the private rented sector. Sometimes this may be outside of Havering.

As well as helping you find somewhere to live, we can also work with you to prevent you losing your current home.

We may also offer you financial assistance through Havering’s Find Your Own Scheme which can be used as deposit and rent in advance to secure new accommodation.

Please click 'Website' below to view Havering Council's page on Homelessness

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