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Showcase of Funding Innovation & Inspiration

SOFII has been created by fundraisers for fundraisers.

It is the flagship programme offered by the SOFII Foundation a UK registered charity.

SOFII is a gift to you and to charitable fundraisers everywhere - an easily accessible free archive of the best fundraising creativity and innovation from around the world. We are safeguarding our fundraising history and constantly adding new initiatives as appropriate.

You’ll find the best great content on SOFII, organised in three parts:

1. History and evolution: preserving fundraising’s colourful, instructive past, including great fundraising and the fundraising foundations.

2. Inspiration and effectiveness: celebrating creativity, innovation and ideas that change the world, showcasing all main areas of fundraising. We present fundraising and campaigning case studies analysed in detail, with data where possible, and they are usually prepared and submitted by the people responsible for them i.e. fundraisers themselves.

3. Tools and techniques: the fundraiser’s toolbox has everything you need to save you reinventing the wheel.We feature top tips, opinion pieces and analysis relevant to fundraisers everywhere. Our focus is on appropriate and well-written material in an easily digested format and found in one place.

SOFII is a fantastic site to access all your fundraising needs.

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