Digital Skills

Digital Skills

By Havering Community Hub on 30/09/2020

Digital Skills

Here at the Havering Community Hub we are all about improving the lives of those in our community. In this article you can find out about the various classes, workshops and help you can receive to help improve your digital skills.


Rock Code Academy

FREE Coding Session for Kids 5-16 years. 

The way we Live, Learn & Work is changing that's why Rock Code Academy is building the next generation of Innovators to manage technology and fill up our ever so lucrative Tech industries. In a time virtually every industry relies heavily on Technology, there is a "massive skills G-A-P" to manage the UK Tech industries. Some jobs become obsolete leading to a spike in UK unemployment rates, the tech industry is hiring but starved of talent.

Rock Code Academy teaches Children... 

* How to Code ( in various languages), 

* All about Computers, 

* Modern Technology - Data Science (Al, ML, IOT etc) & 

* How Computers work! 

At Rock Code Academy; we give your Child the right skills to thrive in a modern world. 

Click the link to grab a FREE trial session

Time Venue: 

Virtual (Saturdays 9:00-10:30) 

MyPIace Youth Centers RM3 9EN (Mondays 4.30 - 6.00)

Rock Code Academy Facebook


Am Arising

Am Arising provides Education, Training, Events and Workshops for Children, Unemployed, and Seniors 60+ living in Havering.

Our Services includes

  • S.T.E.A.M Time,
  • Skills, Employability & Events (SEE),
  • Career Coach & Guidance,
  • Seniors 60+

S.T.E.A.M Time - We provide S.T.E.A.M Time and Homework Zone for Children and young people aged 5 to 16 years of age. Our support network caters to all kinds of learners. We provide the right skills to Children and Young people to prepare them for today’s technology and to manage tomorrow's industries.

We are big on Technology. We teach Children and young people all about modern technology, how to use and manage technology and mostly importantly, how to stay safe only- Digital Citizenship

Skills Children will acquired from STEAM Session includes:

  • Improved digital literacy skills,
  • Computational and Critical thinking skills,
  • Excellent communication - speaking, listening, writing and presentation skills,
  • Collaboration and team building skills, just to mention a few
  • Our students develop great skills to support Virtual and blended learning- the future of delivering modern day education.
  • Our sessions improve the general performance of Children and Young people.

Skills, Employability & Events - This caterers for the unemployed and job seekers 16+ looking to gain employment.

We offer help with following:

  • Job search
  • Personal statement or Cover letter
  • CV writing
  • Interview preparation and role play
  • Office Skills training
  • Customer service training
  • IT Skills targeted towards your new role and job description and more.
  • Career Coach & Guidance for those looking to career change.

Seniors 60+ : We provide ICT support for Seniors 60+ to help seniors navigate their way with technology.

ICT Skills for Seniors 60+  Learn to navigate your way around technology.

We teach basic IT skills to make your day to day activities run seamless and independently.

We help and support Seniors with the following:

  • Know how to effectively use your devices ( laptops, phones, tablets, smart devices, etc).
  • Freedom pass application,
  • Blue badge application,
  • Know how to stay connected with loved ones
  • Know how to shop and pay bills online,
  • Zoom into post pandemic living where virtually everything is done virtual.

We also teach Seniors how to stay SAFE online and manage “Living with Tech” for more independence and productivity.

In providing education, training and workshops; we support growth and development by building “valuable skills for Life!' 

Giving everyone an opportunity - a better chance which improves the overall quality of Life of people living in our community.

We work in partnership with Schools, Libraries, other organisations, youth & community centers to provide services for the community.

We rely on funding and donations to continue to provide services to our communities. Your generosity helps build the# #Kommunityspirit. 

Please click the link below to support our movement

Join our Sessions 

9am - 3pm via Zoom. Call to book your slot and get your zoom link. Also available for shielders. 

Appointments only - Call to 07594 752 699 to book.

Am Arising Facebook


Healthy Generations

4.30-5.30pm With Peter FREE! In partnership with Islington Pensioners Forum
Email or a text to 0757 978 5053 and he will send back the URL you can copy and paste into your browser.

“I’ve been trying to get rid of that for 2 months. I come here and it’s gone in 2 minutes.”

“I can now skype with my family.”

“I had problems with my printer for 3 weeks. Now I can print things, the printer is working. Thank you!”

“I am now on a much better pay-as-you-go deal. Instead of 30p a minute I now pay 5p a minute!”

Havering Colleges

Do you know someone who's looking to improve their Digital Skills?

Our FREE 10-week course is perfect for you to grow your confidence and stay connected.

For more information, follow this link -


Digital Skills for Beginners will cover areas such as:

  • -How to use your phone, laptop or PC and solve simple technical problems
  • -Creating documents including images and video
  • -Online communication such as e-mail, social media or video calls (e.g. Skype / Zoom)
  • -Shopping online
  • -How to stay safe online
  • using social media, facetime, video calls, Skype, zoom and much more.


ICT Skills Training

ICT Skills Training provide FREE basic daytime, weekday computer courses to local adult communities in the areas of East London and Essex. Training ranges from the basics, such as how to turn on a computer, searching the Internet, creating and using emails, to more advanced accredited courses using the Microsoft Office programs - namely Word processing, Excel spreadsheets, Access database, PowerPoint presentations and Publisher desktop publishing.

For the accredited courses, there will be a small charge towards the cost of each qualification certification. The certificates you can earn with us are what employers look for when choosing candidates for interviews, and will give you a significant advantage over others who may not have any certified IT skills.

We also offer advice and guidance in helping you to search for and get meaningful employment, and updating/creating your CV.

                                                                   Currently operating no face to face service, still active via Zoom, Telephone or Email sessions

Call us now for more information on: 07591 789590 or 01708 524897

Email us at:

Or fill out our contact form.
If you would like further information on any of these organisatIons, or would like to inform Havering Community Hub of additional digital skills opportunities please contact:


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