Havering Mind - Parent Support Group - 6 week programme for parents / carers

Havering Mind - Parent Support Group - 6 week programme for parents / carers

By MIND on 10/01/2022

Dear Parents,

I am pleased to let you know that Havering Mind have agreed some new dates for their Parent Support Group 6-week programme for parents/carers who are struggling to support their young person (11-25 years) with their mental health (diagnosed or undiagnosed) and wellbeing - see attached poster. The 6-week programme commences 6-8pm, Wednesday 12th January thru Wednesday 23rd February 2022 via teams. To register to attend, please complete and return the attached PSG Registration Form to parents@haveringmind.org.uk or call us on 01708 457040.

In the Parent Support Group we will provide advice, reassurance, tips/techniques on topics such as communication, self-care, increased resilience and coping mechanisms. Attendees may share their thoughts/feelings, without any pressure or judgement, and will meet other parents that are going through similar challenges. Parents that attended the programme have shared the following feedback:


  • Even though you know a lot of people are going through something similar to yourself, it makes a difference when you hear them talk about it. Also listening to other people’s tried and tested ideas.
  • It was nice that the group are bonding really well and have a laugh, the whole thing is nice and relaxed.
  • I'm not alone - there is more support out there than I realised. 
  • Very inclusive and beneficial sessions.

You can find the registration form here: https://bit.ly/PSG_Registration 

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