School Meal Holiday Scheme - May Half Term

School Meal Holiday Scheme - May Half Term

By Hub Manager on 18/05/2021

Applications for new claims close on Monday 24 May at 5pm, paying into accounts by Tuesday 1 June.

There’s no need to reapply if you have previously received money via the School Meal Holiday Scheme. This will be paid automatically into your account by Thursday 20 May.

For more information about eligibility and to apply go to:


Eligibility check

The scheme is for children of statutory school age and eligible under the benefit criteria listed below for free school meals during term time.

The scheme is administered by each local authority to its eligible residents regardless of the borough of the school they attend, so if you live in Havering but your child goes to a school outside of Havering, you apply here with us.

If you live outside of Havering, but your child goes to a Havering school, you need to apply for the scheme with the borough you live in.

All infant age children receive free school meals, but only children in receipt of benefit related free school meals are eligible for this extra support.

If you do not have bank account details, please provide the bank details of a trusted family member or friend.

You can also make arrangements with your child/children’s school to access the funds. Please contact them to discuss.

If you or your child receives any of the following benefits, you may be eligible for this support.

Need more help?

If you have any queries about the scheme or issues around non-payment, please call 01708 432020, Monday to Friday, 10am to 4pm, or send an email

If you are not eligible for support from this scheme, the Havering Emergency Assistance Scheme (run with our partners DABD), supports the most financially vulnerable people in the borough, including those who are not in receipt of qualifying benefits but are in financial difficulties.

Apply for the May 2021 Half Term School Meal Holiday Scheme

Apply for the Havering May 2021 School Meal Holiday scheme




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