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Volunteer Receptionist - Rainham Library Hubs

Volunteer Receptionist - Rainham Library Hubs

By Hub Manager on 25/01/2022

Havering Community Hubs – Volunteer Roles – RAINHAM LIBRARY
Community Hubs are part of the new way the Council are delivering localised services, working in partnership with the voluntary community sector and public sector partners making it easier for Havering residents to access the support they need. We are very passionate about caring for our residents and community and the hub will provide a welcoming and supportive place to access advice and support.

To support us in being able to offer help to those that need it, the role of volunteers are vitally important and will help us reach the community and provide services that really matter, while also developing volunteer skills and experience. We are looking for a number of roles which will all play an important part in making the Community Hubs successful.

Community Hub Receptionists/Floor Walkers
Our Volunteer Receptionists are the first people our residents will see. Providing a friendly welcome and triaging our visitors to the support or advice they may need. With strong people skills, our Hub floor walkers will:

  • Act as a first point of contact for visitors
  • Take a brief summary of reason for visit and direct visitors to the appropriate support
  • Build relationships with customers inspiring their trust in both you and the Council
  • Assist with filling in of forms where required
  • Ensure visitors are aware of what is available within the hub and in the wider community
  • Help us with gathering data by filling in and collecting monitoring and feedback forms
  • Liaise with organisations and build knowledge of their offer

Volunteering Hours - Wednesday’s : 10.45am – 1.15pm

Volunteer opportunities and training
As part of this role, volunteers will have the opportunity to develop and improve their skills. This role will provide experience of:

  • Working as a customer service representative
  • Working with the public
  • Administrative and IT skills
  • Working as part of a team
  • Working in a multi organisation environment

Volunteering at the hub will provide an opportunity to interact with new people, build friendships and connections and make a real difference in your community

Register to become a volunteer here and select ‘Rainham Hubs Volunteer’

Email: Volunteers@Havering.gov.uk or Communtiyhubs@havering.gov.uk 

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