MEN'TAILITY - Men's Mental Health Support Group

MEN'TALITY was started by Joe in 2019 after having such long wait times for referral regarding his own situations.

Joe realised that had he been able to talk to someone at the first signs of a situation the problems would not have escalated.

He undertook training in counselling, journal therapy and bereavement counselling.

The aim of MEN'TALITY is to give people a safe space to talk, and if they wish to, collect information on other support agencies in the borough.

We are at Bretons community centre Rainham on Wednesday evenings 7pm till 8pm and at the moment are working on the nursery garden in the grounds if people want to help or they can just sit and chat.

We have mindfulness activities if people want to join in - it is up to the individual how they wish to engage.

We run some social events for people to grab some snacks and have a chat - Check our Facebook page for the latest events.

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