Havering Women's Aid

Havering Women's Aid is a charitable organisation dedicated to supporting adults and children affected by domestic abuse in the borough of Havering.

* REFUGE - a refuge is a safe house and offers an escape route from abuse and a chance to seek alternatives to a life of danger, isolation and fear. Our trained staff offer women emotional support and advice on welfare, housing, benefits, schooling,legal, a women's rights.

* FLOATING SUPPORT - our Floating Support Service are able to assist women and men who have or have been suffering domestic violence but wish to continue living in their own home. Floating support are able to offer specialist support in the following areas: safety welfare, housing, benefits, education, legal, health, advocacy, and skill development.

* DROP-IN SERVICE - Drop In services are available throughout Havering for clients to go and see a D.V. expert face to face for initial advice and support. Assessments are carried out and a follow up appointment is made for ongoing support. During this appointment some clients may need assistance to find a placement in a Refuge the Drop In worker will assist the client to get a suitable safe place. This appointment is where all services are explained and further signposting will take place.

*SUPPORT GROUPS - We are able to offer Support Groups to women who have or who are still suffering from domestic abuse. This course is run by qualified workers who will work directly with the women to improve their self confidence, self esteem, boundary setting and help them to understand the cycle of violence.

*CHILDREN SERVICES - We have fully qualified childworkers experienced in working with children who have suffered domestic violence. Our childworkers aim to help the children settle into refuge life. In addition, we provide holiday schemes for local schools in the borough for children still living in the community to help give these children respite from the situations they are in

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