Hindu Welfare Association of Essex

Morning, Evening & Friday prayers via zoom.

COVID 19 Temple Notification

Hindu Welfare Association Of Essex is taking an initiative and inviting you to a scheduled Daily Prayers through ZOOM.

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* ZOOM Programs

* Every Morning .... At: 9.30am Uk time, Aarti and YOGA

* Evening Prayers..... Aarti At: 7.30pm uk time

* Every Friday .... At:6.00pm Bhajan Sandhya followed by Aarti.


To advance the education of the public in the Havering area in the tradition of the Hindu Religion, including yoga, the Hindi language and Hindu festivals by the establishment and operation of a Hindu Cultural Centre.

The advancement of the Hindu religion within Havering and surrounding areas by the establishment, support and operation of a Hindu Temple.

The provision, in the interests of social welfare, of facilities within the Havering area for recreation or other leisure time occupation among members of the Hindu Community with the object of improving their conditions of life.

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