I would like to learn how to cope better with the lockdown

The restrictions imposed as a result of coronavirus has been difficult for us all.

A change to circumstance and routine can be difficult to adjust to, and you may find yourself struggling to cope with it.

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You may be feeling un-motivated, cranky and frustrated, or you might find yourself crying more than usual, but remind yourself that some days are going to be harder than others.

There’s lots of resources out there that can help teach us about self-care, and how to improve our mental wellbeing.

Sometimes understanding your mental health better can help ease the worry.

Take some time to check out the resources below:

Supporting You webinars - Thrive has a huge range of webinars available on YouTube covering a range of topics to help with your mental health.

Self-Care - The Mindfulness Initiative has put together this useful guide on mindfulness to help with those who are staying at home due to coronavirus.

Mental wellbeing - Visit the Good Thinking website for over 120 online resources for people looking to tackle sleep problems, anxiety, stress and depression.

Financial wellbeing - Find out about the wealth of financial support available with Havering Helps.

Be active - The NHS guide on exercise provides lots of great tips and information on how to be active and the benefits of being active.

SMARTY’s blog on How to stay on top of your mental health in lockdown has a range of app recommendations that help those struggling with their mental health

SMARTY also has great resources for parents who are finding home-schooling during the lockdown difficult, including their Home-Schooling Help: Primary and Secondary editions, and information on unlimited data upgrades for children who need it.

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