I would like to learn more about mental health in the LGBTIQ+ community

Experiences of discrimination have a large and consistent impact on stress and mental health.

LGBTIQ+ people reported high levels of stress and depressive symptoms during the pandemic, especially younger and transgender or gender diverse people.

The "Queerantine Study" by University College London (UCL) and Sussex University, August 2020, revealed:

69% of respondents suffered depressive symptoms, rising to 90% of those who had experienced homophobia or transphobia

Sixth of respondents had faced discrimination during the pandemic because of their sexuality, a third amongst those reported living in homes where they were not open about their identity

10% of people reported they felt unsafe in their homes

LGBTIQ+ people are more likely to develop problems like:

Low self-esteem depression

Anxiety, including social anxiety eating problems

Misusing drugs and alcohol self-harm

Suicidal feelings

Emerging and existing mental health issues are most likely exacerbated by:


Biphobia and transphobia stigma and discrimination

Difficult experiences of coming out social isolation, exclusion and rejection

Social isolation, exclusion and rejection

Embracing your LGBTIQ+ identity can also have a positive impact:

Increased confidence

Improved relationships with your friends and family a sense of community and belonging

The freedom of self-expression and self-acceptance increased resilience

'LGBTIQ+' is an umbrella term, but we know that LGBTIQ+ people do not exist as one group. Our identities are a complicated mix of factors including:




Cultural background

Socio-economic background

Gender identity and gender expression sexuality

Physical ability

And many other characteristics

There are educational resources available to help you understand mental health in LGBTIQ+ people

Not a Phase: Support Trans Lives - Not a phase.org supports and champions the trans+ community via education and financial and material investment. Find out more about their work.

The Velvet Rage: Overcoming the Pain of Growing up Gay in a Straight Man's World - Book overview: Today's gay man enjoys unprecedented, hard-won social acceptance. Despite this victory, however, serious problems still exist. Substance abuse, depression, suicide, and sex addiction among gay men are at an all-time high, causing many to ask, "Are we really better off?"

Straight Jacket: Overcoming Society's Legacy of Gay Shame - Book overview: Written by Matthew Todd, editor of Attitude, the UK's best- selling gay magazine, Straight Jacket is a revolutionary clarion call for gay men, the wider LGBT community, their friends and family. Part memoir, part ground- breaking polemic, it looks beneath the shiny facade of contemporary gay culture and asks if gay people are as happy as they could be - and if not, why not?

Documentaries on the experiences of LGBTIQ+ people

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