Reconnections - Independent Age

Reconnections is more than just a befriending service, we connect people with new friendships, activities or experiences. We support over 65s in rediscovering their love of life in a proactive, fun and personal way. As many people in this age group recently came out of shielding we want to give a helping hand through this transition which, for some, may be tough.

We are all different so we create bespoke plans with individuals depending on their needs and desires. Some may need confidence to get out after a period of isolation, some may have lost motivation and need a little encouragement, others may not want to go somewhere on their own so we provide company. During these strange times things look a little different but we have organised mobile scrabble tournaments, tech tasters, group dog walks, garden visits, over-the-phone singing duets, virtual coffee mornings… the list goes on! We are continuously collaborating with our links in the community to come up with fun and engaging activities, as well as introducing the wealth of what the community already has to offer. We usually stay connected to someone for around 6 months, while they develop their own social networks. If someone you know would benefit from time away from the armchair, get in touch so we can help to brighten their days in the fashion that they deserve.

To find out more visit our website at or give us a call on 0207 050 6565, a member of the team will be happy to speak with you.

We are also on the lookout for volunteers who can call, visit or go out and about with a local resident. It’s really flexible and can fit around your other commitments. Give Daisy a call on 0207 050 6566 if you are interested.

The referral process is very flexible. The individual can self refer or be referred by third party by calling 020 7050 6565 or

filling in our online referral form Please click 'IN' below to go to the form.

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