The Recovery Toolkit: A 12 week plan to support your journey from Domestic Abuse

If you've left an abusive relationship, and you're still carrying guilt and blaming yourself, then The Recovery Toolkit is the book for you. Written in an easy and accessible style, The Recovery Toolkit will take you on a journey that is part discovery, part guide. The book is based on the successful 12-week group programme of the same name created by author Sue Penna. It is also based on Sue's professional and lived experience, having worked for more than 20 years for the NHS's Mental Health Services. For the last 15 years, Sue has specialised in working with individuals who have experienced domestic abuse. The Recovery Toolkit is crammed with superb observations and suggestions that will help you recognise that you weren't to blame for the abuse you suffered in the first place and that the real you is still there, ready to emerge.

I am thrilled to be part of The Recovery Toolkit blog tour featuring incredible women with a passion for recovery and making a difference globally. Why did I choose to be part of this movement?

My Story

In July of 2017, I took my boys and fled a 20 year abusive marriage. It has been exactly 3 years to the month since I left! Stepping from hopelessness into hope, I’ve found inspirational people to aid in the recovery process. Healing from abuse requires help from professionals, those who have walked a similar journey and are skilled in trauma recovery.

One of the most powerful resources available for women who have left an abusive situation is The Recovery Toolkit, by Sue Pena. This book is an empowering resource available for women like me, who escaped abuse.

In time, hope becomes real again. Three years later, I have finally begun to dream, do, and continuously heal!

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