What is Local Area Coordination?

Often when a person feels alone, or in need of support or care, they would like simply to get help from within their own community.

Local area coordinators help people in need of support to find ways to make a better life. Based in the community, they know the local people – those who need help, and those who can offer different types of help.

They don't provide a formal social care or health service. Instead they ask people "what would make a good life for you?", and help them find how best to lead that life in their local community.

Who can get help

Help is offered to adults aged 18 and over, including those who are elderly, typically with either:

• feelings of isolation

• depression

• physical disability

• sensory impairment

• learning difficulties

• mental health concerns

Making connections

Local area coordinators want to help people avoid reaching a crisis in their life, or help them to recover if a crisis has already happened.

They know who to talk with, and how local community and care services work. This includes:

• council services

• health services

• police and fire services

• volunteer organisations

• community groups

Get in touch

Contact your local area coordinator if you think that you, or a relative or neighbour, could benefit from their help.

Trish Johnson, Local Area Coordinator - Trish.Johnson@havering.gov.uk

Heaton and Farringdon Area

Mob: 07971 010366

Tel: 01708 433458

Tracy Cavanagh, Local Area Coordinator - Tracy.Cavanagh@havering.gov.uk

Petersfield Area

Mob: 07971 717 615

Tel: 01708 432 342

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