Five Ways to Wellbeing


• To provide YP with taster workshops on ways to improve emotional wellbeing

• To increase self-awareness and develop coping strategies

• To increase strength and resilience to be able to self-manage adverse experiences

• To build connections with others to increase emotional support

• To facilitate YP to make healthy choices that support their mental health


• For 13 – 16 yr. olds

• For young people who would like to explore different ways to manage their emotional wellbeing

• Any young person will be welcome but those who are care experienced/care leavers, open to Youth Justice, or receiving a service from social care/CAMHS will be prioritised

There will initially be an introduction and planning session so the group of YP can explore and decide what will work best for them - then 5 workshops based on the ways to wellbeing:

1. Connect

Creating good positive relationships and expressing self by developing communication skills (Examples: Enjoying a meal together as a group, group round table discussions, debates, similarities and differences games, writing letters to people have lost contact with)

2. Be Active

Physical activity session to create ‘feel good’ chemicals that positively affect our moods – Taster sport session of YP’s choice (Examples: Boxing, Rugby, Football, Running)

Fruit and water to be available and discussion/advice on nutrition ‘food for your mood’

3. Keep learning

Learning a new skill to boost our self-confidence and take us out of our comfort zones – Delivery of a taught interactive workshop by a local expert volunteer or young volunteer with specialist skill, skill to be of YP choice (Examples: Knitting, Origami, Drama, Dance class, Music session, Poetry writing)

4. Give / Help others

Social action session “Acts of kindness” – project of YP’s choice (Examples: litter picking, gardening for local resident, renovating a local nursery, entertainment activity in care home)

5. Taking notice

Paying attention to the present moment through our thoughts, feelings and surroundings and recognising our needs – (Examples: Mindfulness session, Guided Yoga or meditation, Outdoor five senses scavenger hunt activity)

Please email for more info or to sign up

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